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Myth vs. Fact – Diesel Technology

Diesel technology continues to evolve to meet changing needs, as well as increasingly stringent environmental standards. Today, reliance on diesel fuel in the commercial sector is arguably strongest within the trucking industry but stretches across other industries

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Diesel Engines: Cutting Emissions, Not Power

Latest article from Construction Europe (KLM group) - Despite the push for a new electric-powered market and hybrid engines coming onto the scene, it seems unlikely that diesel will be chiselled out of its spot as the number one engine power source for some

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Why diesel isn’t dirty?

The Diesel Technology Forum discusses the clean diesel journey - With a higher degree of certainty than ever before, we can say that diesel is a clean technology. Diesel is a technology of continuous improvement and that goes for the fuel as well. Ultra-low sulfur

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BMW says diesel engines have at least 20 more years

At least 80% of 2025 sales will have an internal combustion engine. A report from Automotive News quotes Klaus Frohlich, BMW Group board member for development, declaring that the diesel engine still has at least 20 more years, and the gasoline engine, at least 30

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What is next for boosting technology? Turbochargers?

Engine Technology International discusses the future of boosting. Using Turbochargers or superchargers started out as an exotic performance technology, now, turbocharging has become the default position for all diesel engines and the majority of today’s gasoline

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Diesel decline sees CO2 emissions rise

Article from the IAAF. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has warned the average CO2 emissions have climbed almost three per cent to 124.5g/km. The rise has been blamed on a diesel sales slump and experts say if CO2 emissions continue to

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